Heating Oil

Heating Oil

Heating Oil & Delivery Service

CMP has been delivering fuel oil since 1954, servicing Clearfield, Centre and Cambria counties. We attribute our longevity to the fact that we promise fast, friendly and dependable service – and that’s what we deliver!

With more than 500,000 gallons of available storage, CMP can ensure ample supplies during the coldest of months with high quality fuel. On average CMP’s staff has over 20 years’ experience in providing customers with many services that ensure you peace of mind while heating your home with oil. Our deliveries are made by professionally trained drivers that are dedicated to loading, transporting, and delivering your fuel safely.

Our delivery trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art computer-controlled delivery meters, which are tested by the State of PA annually to ensure fair and honest deliveries. In addition each truck is tracked by GPS and radio communication affording us the availability to be the most efficient company in the area. CMP has made it a priority to help you heat your homes with oil.

Automatic Delivery

We recommend our automatic delivery program which means you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel oil. Plus, it’s easy, convenient and FREE! Our highly sophisticated computer system tracks outside temperatures, your heating system, and daily consumption, then we’ll deliver to you at the appropriate time, giving you peace of mind. And you won’t use any more fuel than you normally would. If you would like to know more about automatic delivery, please call and speak to one of our courteous customer service representatives. All it takes is a brief call and we can enroll you in our delivery program. Interested in becoming a CMP heating oil customer? Click here to contact us today!

Will-Call Delivery

If you prefer, we can make fuel deliveries upon your request. Simply notify our office as early as possible and we will schedule a delivery. Deliveries under this program are made subject to availability.

Every gallon of heating oil we deliver contains a small percentage of biofuel, which is derived from plant matter such as soybeans. Since it’s not a fossil fuel, it doesn’t emit carbon into the atmosphere. And because biofuel is made here in the United States, it reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Biofuel, in small percentages, requires no modification of your current heating equipment and, as a bonus it helps keep your system clean. As a result, you gain fuel efficiency, and benefit from longer equipment life. If you have questions about BioFuel or if you’d like to become a CMP BioFuel customer, contact us today.