Total Energy Means the Complete Package

Dear Friends,

We take great pride in being the area’s only total energy provider. As you may know, we offer your entire home heating solutions, from heating oil and propane to natural gas and commercial fueling. Not only do we deliver these products, but we also provide full repair, maintenance and installation service through a highly trained and certified team of technicians.

We offer a wide variety of systems to keep your family comfortable including heating and air conditioning, propane fireplaces, and generators to name a few. Depending on your budget, our trained technicians can help you find the right system for your home or business. We will expertly install your equipment and maintain it for optimum service life and efficiency.

The most overlooked benefit of being a CMP customer is having the ability to get all of your energy needs met under one roof. That means one easy to read invoice, from one trusted local supplier. With CMP, you don’t have to worry about sorting out the what, when and how. Our energy programs are designed to give you comprehensive customer care that easily arranges your deliveries, payments and services. Anytime you need to talk about your account, you’re not dealing with customer service departments from all over the country – you’re talking to friends, family and neighbors that know who you are.

As we move into the cold days of winter we want you to know that we’re by your side every step of the way. To learn more about how CMP can offer a customized energy solution visit us online or give us a call today.


Lori Murawski